PROBLEM: In order to approach the set parameters of the final beer after production we have to mix the parent brands.
TASK: Calculation of the optimum mixing ratio of the parent beers to produce the final beer for a given recipe and volume.
CIP Expert

WEB-calculator for beer mixes

CONDITIONS: Determined by the brewer based on:
The quality of the raw materials,
Available equipment,
The desired quality of the wort and
  • type of mashing,
  • Wort extractivity,
  • volume of mash,
  • Wort volume,
  • Input percentage of raw materials,
  • extractivity of raw materials,
  • loss rate,
  • percentage of wort evaporation at boiling,
  • temperature of the main part of mash and decoction before mixing and after mixing,
  • the rate of wort volume reduction during cooling.
Parameters and peculiarities of wort production:

What are the benefits of implementing this solution?

Convenient and simple tool for calculating the proportions of the final mix

Calculation of beer mix (final brand). How it works?

  1. Choose a final brand from the list
  2. Assign the volume of the final mix
  3. Specify the parameters to be controlled:
4. Select mother brand tanks for upcoming blending
  • degree of fermentation (RDF),
  • density (Plato),
  • alcohol,
  • color,
  • bitterness,
  • mother brands

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