Almost every food production factory uses CIP-cleaners (Clean-in-place) for cleaning the inner surfaces of technological equipment without dismantling the closed system. The cleaning process is one of the most expensive technological processes, therefore its optimization significantly affects increase of the efficiency of production process as a whole.
CIP Expert

CIP Expert.
CIP process monitoring and analytics system

The current version of the software is the 3rd generation. We develop our software product by expanding and supplementing its functionality based on current production requirements. Close proximity to the customer allows us to refine the solution, adapting it to the different needs of our customers.
The CIP Expert MES-module has been developed for end-to-end monitoring, quality analysis and efficiency evaluation of the CIP-processes.

What are the benefits of implementing this solution?


Guaranteed cleanliness of equipment — a guarantee of product quality

Paperless process control

Control of operator actions — minimum errors and unplanned interventions

CIP Expert functionality:

  • Monitoring of all CIP processes in all loops / stations / plants;
  • Centralized data collection about the enterprises of the holding and its transfer to ERP;
  • Automatic report forming for the chosen period / phase / step / washing incidents;
  • Validation of washes by deviations from the reference washes / passport values / settings from the APCS;
  • Dynamic graphics;
  • Investigation of incidents by the system 5 Why?
  • Analytics.
  • In integration with the CheckLists module — microbiological condition control and operating status control of technological equipment;
Individual MES modules help to optimize individual processes in process manufacturing. In combination, the modules can offer additional functionality.
  • CIP Expert — recording of cleanings in relation to the technological equipment
  • CheckList — running routine inspections of technological equipment and checking compliance with specifications
The module in its different versions has already been implemented at several breweries and dairy plants:
  • 6 Wimm-Bill-Dann dairy plants (Lianozovsky, Tsaritsynsky, Timashevsky, Nizhegorodsky, Sibirskoe Moloko and Ufamolagroprom);
  • Kazan Dairy Plant (KOMOS Group);
  • Bavaria brewery (Agrofirma FAT);
  • Engelsky Dairy Plant (Belaya Dolina Group).
A pilot project was implemented at PETMOL dairy plant (part of Danone Group)

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