OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is an indicator that determines what percentage of working time the equipment is operating as efficiently as possible. The OEE indicator is an integral part of the Lean manufacturing concept. The OEE calculation is the most popular method for measuring the production productivity. It allows you to categorize the production losses in three categories: Availability, Productivity, and Quality. By measuring losses in all categories, you will have an understanding of the true efficiency of your production and can draw conclusions on how to improve your production process, make it more productive, reduce losses and more effectively use the potential of the available equipment.
CIP Expert

The module for calculating of equipment efficiency

LMS OEE is a Line Management System with the calculation of the OEE index. Today, the solution for automatic OEE calculation is one of the most demanded solutions in the MES range. It is an effective way to increase equipment productivity without the investment in upgrades, but simply by measuring OEE in flow and taking timely action to reduce unnecessary downtime.
The MES module LMS OEE monitors equipment operation, identifies all scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns, and evaluates the speed of equipment operation. The counters record the number of produced products and defective products. As a result, the system automatically calculates and displays the OEE indicator in real time.

What are the benefits of implementing this solution?

Reduction of all types of losses

More efficient use of equipment

An increase in productivity of up to 95% (for continuous production)

LMS OEE functionality:

  • Manufacturing order management;
  • Monitoring of equipment operation - complete overview of all lines;
  • Production counting;
  • Shift scheduling;
  • All downtime can be recorded and displayed;
  • Display of equipment operation in the form of dynamic trends and Gantt charts;
  • Identification of downtime on the basis of built-in handbooks;
  • Displaying the total OEE per shift.
  • OEE calculation and display in real time;
Individual MES modules help to optimize individual processes in process manufacturing. In combination, the modules can offer additional functionality.
  • LMS ОЕЕ — efficiency of filling equipment operation
  • Energo — efficiency of production equipment operation in terms of energy resources consumption (water, electricity, steam, etc.)
  • CIP Expert — efficiency of cleaning processes

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