Lab&Trace provides automation of the process of interaction between production services and the laboratory during production, automates quality control of raw materials, mixtures, semi-finished and finished products at all stages of processing, blocks bad batches, not allowing them further into production, provides direct and reverse traceability of products.

Lab&Trace. Automated quality control and product traceability during production

What are the benefits of implementing this solution?

Guaranteed quality of the finished product

Reduced losses

Minimization of human error

Paperless process

Quick data search

Lab&Trace functionality:

  • Creates a control batch of material;
  • Sends a signal to the laboratory technician to take a control sample and enter the results (manually or automatically from an analyzer like Milkoscan) into the system — at each step or according to the regulations. The time of sending the test sample is strictly regulated;
  • Blocks bad batches for subsequent stages of production;
  • Manages production tasks;
  • Verifies and validates sample data;
  • Ensures accounting and traceability of materials in different stages of processing based on final control samples, which are issued at the end of each process (conversion) and with the help of batch and storage review;
  • Generates electronic reports on received data and exports them to Excel if necessary;
  • Generates electronic reports on received data and exports them to Excel if necessary;
  • Transfers information to enterprise ERP systems.
Individual MES modules help to optimize individual processes in process manufacturing. In combination, the modules can offer additional functionality.
  • CIP Expert — recording of cleanings, consumption and application of cleaning solutions
  • Lab&Trace — recording of concentrate batches, pumping and consumption

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