This further helps to carry out a qualified analysis of consumption from different perspectives and to take the necessary measures to optimize the entire production.
CIP Expert

Energy management system

Exceeding consumption norms is not only an extra loss, but also a signal of possible production problems, namely: the technological process is not optimally organized, equipment urgently requires repair or maintenance; there are mistakes in the actions of the personnel or incorrect operation of the control system. The Energo module will help to find out exactly where the problem occurred.
The Energo module receives data on the energy consumption of various types of energy resources: electricity, heat, water, steam, gas, etc. from its own PCS or specialized energy collection and accounting systems, compares it with production phases and offers the user a visual display of current consumption, peaks, downtime in relation to the technological process.

What are the benefits of implementing this solution?

Saving and efficient use of resources

Reducing energy waste

Decrease of CO2 emissions and environmental protection

Energo functionality:

  • Active management of energy consumption and costs;
  • Optimization of consumption of different energy sources;
  • Documentation of savings for internal and external use;
  • Control over observance of energy consumption limits;
  • Continuous reduction of energy intensity (energy usage per unit of output);
  • Identification of sources of abnormal losses;
  • Integration with production systems and ERP.
  • More efficient load balancing;
Individual MES modules help to optimize individual processes in process manufacturing. In combination, the modules can offer additional functionality.
  • LMS ОЕЕ — efficiency of filling equipment operation
  • Energo — efficiency of production equipment operation in terms of energy resources consumption (water, electricity, steam, etc.)
  • CIP Expert — efficiency of cleaning processes

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