A system of checklists or "checklists" to monitor the condition of a production plant has existed for a long time, but until now it was mostly paper logs and Excel spreadsheets that process engineers and maintenance fitters filled out manually outside of strictly controlled timings.
CIP Expert

CheckLists. Automated monitoring of the state of technological equipment in the production process

The CheckLists module has a built-in equipment tree: plant — shop — site — unit of equipment. Each piece of equipment is assigned several checkpoints. A separate checklist is created for each check point. The system automatically generates and sends the operator a task at an assigned interval: "Create a checklist for…(equipment name)". Within an assigned period of time, the operator must perform the check and report on it by entering the information in the CheckLists system.
In CheckLists, checklists can be generated automatically, either by a defined time interval or by process events, information about which comes from the automated process control system.
Validation of data based on check results is also performed automatically — on the basis of technological sheets and built-in directories.

What are the benefits of implementing this solution?

Minimization of equipment downtime and product losses

Predictive approach to maintenance

Time savings at all levels

Increased personnel and equipment productivity

Paperless production

Paperless production:

  • Maintaining process equipment in working order;
  • Automatic notification to responsible persons;
  • Automatic creation of checklists in electronic form;
  • Operational processing of checklists;
  • Strict terms of their filling and sending;
  • Reliable information storage;
  • Unified reporting and analytics within MESbox.
Individual MES modules help to optimize individual processes in process manufacturing. In combination, the modules can offer additional functionality.
  • CIP Expert — recording of cleanings in relation to the technological equipment
  • CheckList — performing scheduled inspections of process equipment and checking compliance with specifications

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